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Community 101 Summer School

so... i'm back.  because i'm putting Real Life on hold again while i flail at the genius that is community.

season 1 has just ended, it's been 12 days since i first watched the finale, and i'm suffering withdrawal symptoms big time.  fortunately for me and the few others who were suffering the same fate, community_tv is holding summer school.  one of the subjects being a rewatch of the whole season, starting with the pilot.

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ETA: sorry to everyone whose friendspage got flooded with the nonsense unedited post a while ago... being this long away from lj has made my editing skillz rusty.
daming negative vibes tonight... need to go to sleep with something sweet.


another meme from jdbracknell, who i think has posted several in the last few days. hehehe.

Shuffle your player and select the first 20 songs that come up. Post the first line of the lyrics and have your f-list guess the songs.

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i only listed those songs that i actually knew. i have 5000+ songs on my pod, and i have a lot of albums i haven't even listened to in full. or at all.

yes, i know, nos. 5, 11, 16 and 17 should be dead giveaways. what can i do.

some of these were actually covers when they appeared on the shuffle; i need the original artist. track no. 4 was a cover by paolo santos; no. 13 was a live concert performance by alanis morissette; no. 17 was a performance by brooke white on american idol.

on the first incarnation of this list, posted at my main blog (politicsaside.blogspot.com), i had some songs originally done by filipino singers. i'm just adding them here for posterity. heheheh.

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yeah, i think i've read more than six

this is a meme I've seen do the rounds at lj a few weeks ago, but never found the time to do myself. then a high school friend posted it, so i thought i might as well.

  1. Look at the list and bold those you have read.
  2. Italicize those you intend to read.
  3. Underline the books you LOVE.
  4. Reprint this list in your own multiply/lj so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;)





yesterday was my graduation day. after six years of bluffing my way through, with three of those years devoted to the struggle that is my strategic management paper, i finally got my degree. and if i wanted to, i have the right to add those three letters to the end of my name.

i didn't have major problems during the graduation ceremony itself, except for my academic gown almost choking me and my cap weighing about as heavy as an anvil. no missteps or major boo-boos. but it was the other stuff surrounding my graduation that gave me major headaches. after i finally submitted my paper, which was late, there was the clearance (an issue i'd rather not discuss). then not knowing if i made the cut, because according to the rules, i should have submitted my paper earlier (though i had the defense before the deadline). then finding the right dress, where normal dress-shopping is already a traumatic experience. then, after the ceremony, it was as if our trusty '94 civic was on strike. just as we were ready to leave, dad discovered the battery was discharged, so we had to have a replacement delivered. then, on our way home, we landed on a massive pothole on the slex and got a running flat. imagine all of that accompanied by heavy rainfall.

i hope to write about all the different details soon. the subject matter from the speeches during the ceremony were inspiring, though not enough to spur me to write extensively. i'll try to get back on my feet in a couple of days.

for sci's writer's mini workshop

probably not a recommended method of writing...

independence day

it's june 12th, and in my corner of the pacific, we celebrate our independence day.

in honor of this significant moment in our history, i decided to break my apathetic silence and write a little something. in filipino. which is why i'm only providing a link from here, because i wouldn't want to flood the list with nonsense people wouldn't understand.

and chary, i challenge you to tell me exactly what i was talking about.

btw, you might want to hear the song i linked in the post, it is a very good performance by the philippine madrigal singers. i sang it with my glee club more than a decade ago, which is why it's a sentimental favorite.

the post is here:


still doing the revisions, which should be submitted by saturday...
ohhhh brother. here i go again.

still obsessing on my (incomplete) ai7 playlist.

still unable to scrobble my ipod on last.fm. why why why why????????
the problem started when i upgraded my software, then the scrobbling
became patchy until it stopped altogether, then i upgraded my itunes,
then i downgraded my last.fm software. nothing. i'm holding off
upgrading my ipod software though, i tried it today but my connection
gave up. whuh. so, that's the biggest annoyance right now, bigger
than the revisions. lol.

just posted my summer movie wishlist on my blogspot. so it's no
longer summer here in the islands, so what? this is the start of MY
summer. i wish there's a portable widget for lists though. so that i
can just put them in my lj if i so choose. heh. like i've already
managed to configure the sidebar already.

i am sleepy. even if it was already monday (actually, it's tuesday
already) i still did my sleepless sunday bit. hurray for long
weekends! the next one is probably late august, oh dear.

so good night, i have to brace myself for the new day :D (and the new
workweek, traffic is gonna be hell urgh).

this has been running for a few months already, and i really can't resist. i have to share this.

there's a tv series currently showing on one of our "free tv" channels, every weekday at around 9pm. the title is lobo which is the tagalog term for wolf, so it's kinda obvious that it's a fantasy series. especially since the characters are obviously people. do you see now where i'm heading? maybe it's just me, but the mere mention of werewolves bring to mind one remus john lupin. and so i thought, the people who conceptualized this must be closet fans of harry potter. little did i know how prophetic that was.

so the story is, there's this girl werewolf named lyka (omg i had to lol on that one. hello?) who was for some reason brought in from the barrio (the remote rural areas) to work for fashion mogul lady elle/eleanora (ok, at this point i mistakenly wondered if werewolves were required to have names that start with the letter L). she falls in love with a childhood sweetheart named noel, who is a military man connected with a top secret group called luna. after several adventures, and finding her mother, lyka finally discovers her true destiny as huling bantay (the last guard), basically the savior of the werewolf race, both white and black werewolves. lady elle is actually her great aunt, her mother is a black werewolf, and apparently lycanthropy is hereditary. idk. as of now lyka is going through her final challenge, which she will undoubtedly win, but not before the viewers are held in suspended disbelief whether or not noel or her mum will survive, etc.

i think there are enough references to harry potter to last a lifetime, but the clincher: the power of the last guard, in this case, lyka, is in the puting bato (white stone) which is also known as bato ng remus (stone of remus). WTF?!?!?!

techie questions

my latest object of obsession in the internets is the last.fm application. it's cool tracking everything i've ever played on my ipod and at the itunes at work. i just wish the tagging for past tracks is easier, my connection especially at work is spotty at best. and it's tiring to have to tag every single track one by one. i hope they put in a mass tagging feature soon. (if you're on last.fm, check out my profile from the link at the left.)

i also just bought a new hard disk casing for the 80 gb hard drive i got last year - the one that was in danger of expiring before its time. it turned out the problem was in the casing and not really the hard disk, though i guess its days are numbered with the several drops (oops!) i've subjected it to. and that's why i bought a new 160 gb my passport. with all the movies i'll be ripping for the ipod, i'll probably need the extra storage soon.

which brings me to my next problem, which is a FREE dvd ripper that can rip by chapter. it's for the sting concert videos that i want to rip by song. so, help?

and i just also got into del.icio.us, which is a wonderful tagging device since my firefox bookmark list is loooooooooong. but who knows when i'll eventually transfer them to del.icio.us. bahhhhhh.